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Every app or web development begins with ideation and conceptualization. Wireframes that are finalized at this step become the backbone of the entire project, directly affecting the end results. We create exceptional digital wireframes that keep usability at the forefront and visualize every functionality, even before it is built.

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Importance of Wireframes


Of the first impressions of users are design-related


Of shoppers give importance to website usability


Share of website visitors who use carousels or sliders


ROI for every dollar that is invested in user experience


Of customers are willing to pay more for better user experiences

1. Why Opt For a Wireframe Design Service?

If we look at wireframes as great communication tools, they set the right perspective for the development of digital assets.

Various benefits here include:

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Communicating and finalizing the architecture of your website or app

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Keeping UX as the center of attention, decreasing the bounce rates

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Determining the responsiveness of the website or app on various devices

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Organizing content according to readability, typography, and placement

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Enabling designers to layout various sections, optimizing the creative process

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Gathering feedback from teams and finalizing the core message in early stages

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2. Our Wireframe Design Services

Starting from conceptualization and right up to delivery, we provideend-to-endwireframingservicesfor a range of use-cases and platforms.

Website Wireframe Design Services

Leverage high-level website wireframes that function as page schematics and present entire blueprints of your website’s concept. Each element on every page is deployed and arranged with the vision to achieve specific end goals that best reflect your business needs.

Landing Page Wireframe Design Services

Tie your PPC and SMM campaigns with expert landing pages that are in sync with the overall marketing message. With wireframes that perfectly capture the intended user experience, we ensure that every post-click landing page behaves as a brand advocate.

App Wireframe Design Services

Deploy expert user interfaces for your app with a wireframing process that takes it from instant ideation to execution. Our wireframes function as reliable bases for UI designs and give an idea of the visual structure of your app before you go all in.

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3. Wireframes That Aid Decisions

Our wireframe creation framework doubles-up as a key decision-making tool for your business, empowering you to reach the best possibleworkabledesignintheleastpossibletime.Phases here include:

1. Research and Goal Definition

We begin by working with you to understand the underlying needs of the project. These are then translated into user experience goals with just the right amount of abstraction, ease, and limitations.

2. Hypothesis Creation

Multiple hypotheses are created to narrow down the alternatives to the best options. Basic functions of the wireframe are ideated and defined to give you a sense of the flow, UI, and experience.

3. Prototype Creation

The wireframing phase kickstarts with the creation of the best possible prototype that meets every business requirement. All assumptions are tested and measured against the relevant hypothesis.

4. Presentation and Feedback

A functional prototype is presented to you for analysis where all ideas and decisions are backed by relevant justifications. Every received feedback is accordingly logged and worked upon.

5. Iteration and Finalization

The wireframe or prototype is iterated by absorbing the feedback, refining the thought process, and creating an asset that reflects the ideal version of your website or app.

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4. Key UX Elements That Wireframes Include

Every digital wireframe we create includes key elements or placeholders that translate into a relevant skeleton of the website/app.

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Local Navigation

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Body content

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Search field

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Global Navigation

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Share Buttons


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5. Boost Your Conversions

At Wow.Design, we breathe a culture of design and engagements. Every decision that our designers ever take is backed by years of expertise and knowledge. Here’s everything that makes use unique:

  • Results-oriented Designs:
    Weidentify the opportunities and threats that your digital business is subject to, refining the designs in the process.
  • UX Prioritization:
    By giving priority to UX, every design we create is backed by a purpose, promoting deep engagementof your target audience.
  • Proven Framework:
    With a power suite of in-built design assets and tools, your wireframes and designs are a result of a framework that is hard tomatch.
  • Expert Team:
    Each of our 50+ design experts has been personally vetted by us, undergoing a demandingupskillingandexperiencecurvethat strongs 5+ years.
  • Diligent Testing:
    With adedicatedtestingteam,every design element is put to the test according to functionality, responsiveness, and strategy requirements.

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