Convert Critical Data IntoVisually Appealing Infographics

Although data has forever been a powerful medium to exchange insights, the manner in which it is presented makes all the difference. We visualize your data into high impact infographic designs that your audience love and easily consume.

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Importance Of Infographics For Your Content Strategy


Increase in backlinks for articles that use infographics


Social shares that infographics receive over other content


Direct boost in website traffic due to infographics


Likelihood that infographics are read compared to blogs


Share of learners who learn better with visual cues

1. Our Infographic Design Services

Our design services span every possible infographic requirement, synthesizing data into visual graphics that superchargeyourmarketingefforts.

Static Infographics

Visual summaries of key highlights of data sets and related information with the help of individual icons, mnemonics, and illustrations.

Animated Infographics

Visual summaries of key highlights of data sets and related information with the help of individual icons, mnemonics, and illustrations.

Interactive Infographics

Visual summaries of key highlights of data sets and related information with the help of individual icons, mnemonics, and illustrations.

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2. Types Of Infographics We Design

Nomatterthetypeofdatayouwanttopresent,we have a design framework ready for you.

rite mark


rite mark

Geographical Infographics

rite mark


rite mark

Hierarchy Infographics

rite mark

Statistical Infographics

rite mark

Comparison Infographics

rite mark

Informational Infographics

rite mark

List Infographics

rite mark

Flowchart Infographics

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3. Smart Infographic Design Process

Our design process is oriented to bring your ideas to life with a process that delivers peak creativitydrivenbyhighimpactstrategies.

1. Creative Briefing

We begin by navigating through the requirements, gathering the data sets that need to undergo design translations, and defining the end goals of the creative drill.

2. Brainstorming Sessions

A bunch of ideas are then brainstormed to visualize the given data sets in a bunch of varying ways. The best possible design is then chosen to commence the next phase.

3. Design Phase

The designers now use the provided or created copy decks to create the infographic, while ensuring that the content has a proper structure and visual flow.

4. Test and Review

Infographics are given test runs to ensure that they are compatible with major working environments, such as browsers. They are then reviewed by multiple members of the internal team.

5. Refinement and Handoff

Your feedback is incorporated into the design and graphics are accordingly refined to ensure that they meet your brand’s positioning and tone. Once finalized, the files are then handed off to your team.

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4. Design-tech We Deploy

We have a comprehensive in-house team of 50+ designers that is well-versed to handle any project requirement.







xara xtreme

Xara Xtreme





affinity designer

Affinity Designer






CorelDraw Graphic Suite

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5. Our Infographic Design Portfolio

At Wow.Design, our infographic design portfolio showcases a perfectblendofartandscience. Here’s a look at some of our best designs in this category:

Illustrations - Jagged
Illustrations - Jagged
Illustrations - Jagged
Illustrations - Jagged
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6. Why Use Infographics?

Owing to the engagement they can command, infographic designs make all the difference in the world today. Here’s why you should be using them already:

  • Digestible Information:
    They convert even the most complex data sets intoeasilyconsumableinformationforreaders,making it eye-catching and persuasive.
  • Creative Flair:
    By eliminating monotony from the equation, infographics add much-needed creative flair in situations of complexdatapresentations.
  • Thought Leadership:
    They position you as an expert in your field, boostingyourbrand’scredibility.Readers know that creating infographics takes knowledge and experience.
  • Pro SEO:
    Infographics are perfectforSEOoptimizationsince they entice more views, clicks, and shares as compared to textual content.
  • Easily Trackable:
    They can be easily analyzed and tracked,enablingyoutodeterminetheirROI and optimize future content investments.

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