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Our designers know that creative boundaries exist for a reason - to be constantly challenged. Hire industry-leading designers for any need and at competitive prices in packages that are tailored-made for you!

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How It Works

1. Hiring Models That Grow When You Do

It does not matter if you are just starting out or aiming to quickly expand your team, we have an engagement model for every need.

Hourly Designers

  • Per hour engagement
  • Flexible hiring period
  • Agile design process
  • Data-driven design
  • Growth-driven design
  • Restricted communication

Part-Time Designers

  • 5-hour engagement
  • Weekly hiring
  • Agile design process
  • Data-driven design
  • Growth-driven design
  • Limited communication

Full-time Designers

  • 10-hour engagement
  • Monthly hiring
  • Agile design process
  • Data-driven design
  • Growth-driven design
  • Boundless communication
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2. Domains That Our Designers Are Proficient In

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UI/UX Designing

Hire a designer that follows clear UI/UX design standards, workflows, and guidelines to create impeccable information architectures and wireframes.

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Responsive Designing

Leverage adaptive and flexible designs that are highly responsive and automatically scale according to varying screen sizes and user behaviors.

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Graphic Designing

Hire expert graphic designers that work remotely and follow communication design guidelines to create compelling typography, photography, iconography, and illustrations.

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Web Designing

Create next-gen web designs for static and dynamic web pages. Being clutter-free and focused on conversions, our designing process is oriented for constant growth.

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App Designing

Build fully-functional app designs from the ground up with layouts that are a result of design discovery, user journey analysis, clickable prototypes, and more.

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Logo Designing

Premium logo design services that turn your brands into digital icons. Our designers use a perfect blend of symbols and design art that evokes user trust.


3. Benefits Of Hiring Our Designers

Good designs try hard to impress. Great designs get out of the way. Here’s why we excel at what we say.

    • Quick Load Times:
      Even if you do everything right, it is possible for bulky designs to interfere with load speeds. Our designers ensure it doesn’t come to that by creating compact designs that never limit your apps/websites.
    • Industry Expertise:
      With a capable team of 50+ designers, no requirement ever goes out of scope. This sets you up for substantial ROI in terms of the business value of design, meeting therapidly rising expectations of consumers.
    • Skill Agility:
      Driven by organizational culture, each of our designers stays up to date with the rapidly transforming digital landscapes by grabbing every opportunity of learning and upskilling.
    • Niche Experience:
      All designers are personally vetted by us and hold a minimum experience of 5+ years in their respective domains. This includes being adept inagile working environments andremoteworkingnorms.

4. Technological Proficiency Of Our Designers

Our team of highly skilled designers is proficient in all leading design tools and technologies. See for yourself!







xara xtreme

Xara Xtreme





affinity designer

Affinity Designer






Graphic Suite

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5. Effortless Hiring Process

With smooth hiring protocols that arealignedtoquicklysolveyourdesignissues,all you need to do is get the ball rolling.

1. Requirement Analysis

We receive your project and conduct an initial analysis to determine the expertise required to meet your goals. The feasibility of the project is discussed with you and the results are documented after defining actionable steps.

2. Model Selection

Based on the requirement analysis, we recommend the most suitable engagement model that will meet your targets within the least possible time frame and resource utilization.

3. Resource Deploy

Once you are ready for the type of engagement that you need, we prep our design team and convey the project expectations. The most ideal resource is then deployed as per your discretion.

4. Engagement Kickstart

The human resource is signed off to you and the engagement process begins. You are billed on an hourly, weekly, on monthly basis, based on the package that you have chosen.

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