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Your customers need sound reasons to keep buying from your e-commerce store. And brand equity along with user experience stands at the helm of this. We deliver increased market visibility for your digital brand with e-commerce designs that help you sell, upsell, and cross-sell.

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Value of Ecommerce Designs


Share of credibility that your business gets from premium design


Amount of customers that shop with your competitors after poor user experiences


Annual loss faced by Amazon for every 100ms delay in load time


Share of consumers that mistrust a business with poor web design


Portion of Ecommerce shoppers who give value to website usability

1. Understanding Where You Stand

Ecommerce design needs can come in all shades and forms, affecting the framework for the ideal action plan that you require. Which one is yours?

“I Want to Create an E-commerce Website from Scratch”

So you have your business plan in place and want to quickly get your e-commerce store up and running. Investing in an ideal UI/UX design at this stage will deliver the best possible buying experience to your visitors, ensuring high conversions and saving you substantial costs in the long run, especially during development.

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“I Have an E-commerce Website that is Underperforming”

If you have an e-commerce website with ailing conversion metrics, there are high chances that the design philosophy stands outdated today. A website redesign might be long overdue and would help you showcase your brand in a new light, refreshing your revenue channels and fishing leads like never before.

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2. Our Ecommerce Design Services

At Wow.Design, our suite of services covers end-to-end e-commerce design support, fostering an ecosystem of dependability.

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E-commerce Website UX Design

Expert web UX designs that are customized to your target audience, promote your CTAs, and boost conversions.

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E-commerce App UX Design

Leverage simple and intuitive UX app designs that are visually appealing, reduce app churn, and boost engagements.

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E-commerce UI Toolkit Designs

Tailor-made UI toolkits for your e-commerce store that include fonts, buttons, icons, and more to create quick website mockups.

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Cross-platform E-commerce Designs

Synchronize your brand’s identity with consistent interfacesand messages across multiple channels via typography, color palette, imagery style, and more.

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3. Proven Ecommerce Design Process

Here’s a sneak peek at our magic sauce that drives home every e-commerce design requirement withpromising end-results!

1. Research and Strategy

Our experts begin by understanding your target audience, conducting competitive analysis, defining the expectations, and finalizing project objectives. The aim is to know what your website wants to accomplish, especially for your visitors.

2. Design Planning

The next step is to create buyer personas and define the best user functionality for each of them. A creative brief is constructed that defines all landing page designs, content requirements, technical specifications, and scope of the final design.

3. Information Architecture

Innovation threads are tied together to create a functional strategy in the form of a website navigation tree, user experience guidelines, nuanced design schemes, and more. This also works as a visual prototype for you to understand the look and feel of your e-commerce store.

4. Design Commence

The design process is undertaken by creating a visual concept and style guide by focusing on elements such as style, tone, information design, interface components, and content scope. The final design scheme is then applied to all pages and segments.

5. Testing and Hand-off

Your feedback on the final design is taken into account and designs iterations are created. Meanwhile, every design is tested across multiple channels to ensure responsive behavior and consistency. The resulting files are finally handed over to you.

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4. Design-tech Proficiency

Our team of designers spans experts from every corner of the design ecosystem, ensuring that no requirement is ever off-limits.







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5. Our Extensive Design Portfolio

With one design created every 30minutes, our design portfolio is as exhaustive as it can get. Here’s a look at some of the best design concepts that we have worked on over the years.

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Project Name Here
Project Name Here
Project Name Here
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6. Why High-end Design Makes You Win

With visual cues fast taking over textual content, a whole new world of customer psychologyhas been unlocked in the digital era. Here’s why it pays to invest in expert e-commerce designs today:

  • Significant decrease in customer churn rate and boost in conversions
  • Increased customerattention and building of mutual trust
  • Reducedriskofredesigns during development phases
  • Facilitatingmobileusers,which makes up half of today’s web traffic
  • Quickerwebpageloadtimes,further boosting key conversion metrics

Great Designs Speak The Language of ConversionsMake Your E-commerce Designs Augment Sales

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